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CE de la Zagreb (The End): Mansarda apartment in the middle of the city.

We're absolutely lucky: we spent our week in Zagreb in this amazing apartment (called Mansarda because it is, in fact, an attic-apartment). After our arrival, I wrote the following (so-called) review; and I meant every word of it. Here it is (and trust my words: this is the place to book if you're planning a trip to Zagreb):

"This is not a review, this a (real) story :). I’ll start with that: I’ll pack my bags and move tomorrow in this beautiful apartment, Mansarda in Zagreb. For good. There, I’ve said it! And, please, take into consideration the fact that I’m very picky; I kinda troubled Dina with a lot of questions prior to our visit to Zagreb (given our previous experiments with rented apartments in Europe; I’ll give you only one of these scary stories: picture us, a group of four, having troubles with the shower in Turin, Italy; and trying to explain the owner, by phone, which was the issue; in Italian: Abbiamo un problema con la doccia… Lo scarica non functiona). So, this time I wanted to be something else; and it was! And Dina – the owner – was amazingly nice; and answered to all our questions.

And let’s say that this particular apartment just in the middle of Zagreb is everything you want from an apartment: it’s spacious, warm, beautifully decorated and – most importantly – breathes a familiar air. You feel like home from the beginning (and by beginning I mean fresh coffee and Croatian pastry on the table, at our arrival) till the very end. For me, having returned from Zagreb a week ago, this city means two things: figure skating (the town hosted the European Championships) and Mansarda – this apartment on Gajeva 40. I didn’t get to see anything in the city, but I got to live for a week in this apartment; and I’ll come back tomorrow; that much I liked it. And I usually don’t connect with rented apartments; they’re impersonal, cold and empty, even during summer. This one is not; it had a life before us, the guests, and you feel that.

So much for the poetry, let’s get to the administrative details. Bedrooms: three; and lovely. Living room: my favorite part of the house; I’ve stood and stood on the couch in the living room, drinking tea in the night and writing the stories of the championships on my blog. The kitchen: had everything. The bathroom: a room with a tub, on one hand, and a toilet with two sinks (you gotta love the light entering in the morning in these rooms…). The apartment has it’s own heating system, don’t you worry (you can stay in a T-shirt). What else? Yes, Mansarda is on the third floor of an old building (but the building is very safe; no worries). It has no elevator; so you have to carry your bags until the end of the stairs; but if it had an elevator, we never have noticed the sledges of the children living in the building, outside every door, and the flowers; and of course, the – almost – imperial stairs. So, I can tell you that: you’ll love this apartment; I’m sure you will.

(Trust me, this is not a commercial; I haven’t been paid by Dina to write the review :)). I’m here for any questions you might have).

January 2013".

I have nothing to add. Just book Mansarda :).

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