luni, iulie 29, 2013

Worlds in Nice, 2012. Pairs Free Program. Photo-souvenirs.

 At the end of March a year ago, I was in Nice, experiencing a wonderful figure skating' competition: The Worlds - with capital letters. You, Romanian readers of this blog, know the story of the day: 30 March "hosted" the Men's Short Program and the Pairs Final (you can find the full chronicle of the day here; I wrote it during the competition, with enthusiasm and joy; mostly because my favourite pair - Aliona and Robin - won, again, the World title).

With more than a year delay, I give you the photo-story of the afternoon: the Pairs Free Program. The Top 3 is by all means known by now, but here's a reminder: 1: Aliona and Robin; 2: Tatiana and Maxim; 3. Narumi and Mervin (these two guys were wonderful to watch; unfortunately, at this point they're not a pair anymore).

Familiar faces in the audience: the German ice-dancer Alexander Gaszi...
... and the amazingly-talented Swiss skater, Stephane Lambiel.
Back then, I used to believe that Stephane had a little "something" with the beautiful and smiling Stefania... He used to watch her skate in Nice, all happy and smiley. 
As for me, during the break, I tried to find Stephane in the crowd, in order to get an autograph from him (small detail: I was wearing my Stephane Lambiel' T-shirt that day, it would have been nice to have a reminder of that afternoon...). 
I didn't find Stephane that day in Nice, but I did find Viktor Petrenko - and the encounter with my-first-favorite-skater-ever was absolutely wonderful.

Once again, Yuko and Alexander...
...and Tatiana Moskvina in the audience, after their performance.
Wenjing Sui&Cong Han
Caydee Denney and John Coughlin.
Maxim: The Black (and incredibly elegant) Swan.
Tatiana and Maxim.
Narumi Takahashi&Mervin Tran
Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov.
Aliona and Robin...
Qing Pang and Jian Tong.
Vera and Yuri.
Aliona&Robin... what had been my favorite Free Program of the season. Music from "Pina":

The (joyful) end.

And here's the rest of the stories of those World Figure Skating Championships in Nice, in 2012: