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Evgeni Plushenko: press conference, Bucharest, March 2012. Kings on Ice Tour. AUDIO

Foto: Cristian Radu NEMA

For those of you interested, here is the audio recording of the entire press conference carried out by Evgeni Plushenko on 20th of March, in Bucharest - promoting the Kings on Ice 2012 Tour and the shows in Romania, on 7th of April.

Some of you asked me to translate the entire post concerning the conference - this one; it's rather long and the translation will be time consuming :) - you could try with Google translate (though will be an awkward translation...)

I think you'll appreciate more the entire audio recording of the conference held by Evgeni in Bucharest, isnt't that so? You will hear Plushenko's answers to our questions - which will be nice and funny and illuminating :)

Notice: Evgeni Plushenko and the violonist Edvin Marton were the two guests of the conference; so you'll hear both of them (I'm sure Evgeni's voice is recognizable:).

At the end of the conference, a little surprise: Edvin plays a part of "Tango de Roxanne" - the song of Plushenko's free program this season...

Ladies and gentlemen, I'll give you Evgeni Plushenko! Enjoy :)

Part 1
Evgeni Plushenko press conference Bucharest 20 March 2012--001 by Florentina Tone

Part 2
Evgeni Plushenko press conference Bucharest 20 March 2012--002 by Florentina Tone

Part 3
Evgeni Plushenko press conference Bucharest 20 March 2012--003 by Florentina Tone

Part 4
Evgeni Plushenko press conference Bucharest 20 March 2012--004 by Florentina Tone

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Simona spunea...

Merci, Florentine, ma bucur sa il aud pe Evgeni :)

Bijuterii spunea...

Evgeni Plushenko e un muzician de exceptie. Merita sa fie in posesia celebrei vioare.