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Wonderful memories: Men's Final at the 2012 Worlds

 Well, one year and a half has passed since March 2012, but I still remember this day as if it was yesterday: a happy, emotional day in Nice, which began with me and Ali buying flowers from Cours Saleya for what was supposed to be an amazing performance coming from Mr. Takahashi. And it was, indeed, an amazing Free Program, though, at the end of the day, it wasn't gold for the Japanese. One thing is sure, though: in my eyes (and in the eyes of many), Daisuke's performance was truly golden. And our wonderful bouquet flew over the board, touched the ice and ended up, hopefully, in Daisuke's sack of flowers; with a small and joyful, thankful note inside.

This is me, happy.

And here is the story of that day - of course, if you understand and read Romanian; for the rest of you, Google translate is always an option - that, until the official launching of my figure skating website, entirely in English. So, here it is: The Story (Povestea).

Below, the Photo-Story of the day -  the Men's Final took place on the 31th of March. Yes, last year. Sorry for this huge delay. On the other hand, please allow me to remind you of a wonderful, golden day in Nice.

 Mr. Kozuka. Takahiko Kozuka. Preparing.

A very elegant Tomas Verner.

Again, Mr. Kozuka. And a pair of feet. Give a penny for an answer: whose feet are those? :)

The Russian gentlemen: Sergei Voronov and Artur Gachinski.

Again, Mr. Voronov. He was last year's arlecchino.

A very serious group of coaches. I know you know them. I know them too.

The curly Mr. Rippon.

A very young Yuzuru Hanyu. A joy to watch and a wonderful surprise.

"The cat from Kazakhstan", as Mr. Carroll described him: Denis Ten.

Again, Adam Rippon.

A focussed Mr. Takahashi, skating very close to the boards.

Patrick Chan.

The camera just couldn't stay away from Mr. Takahashi.

Once again, Patrick Chan.

The Spanish Javier Fernandez.

Brian Joubert and Michal Brezina.

And, yes, the golden boy. A very preoccupied one.

Patrick, during his Free Program.

At the end of the day, the Canadian won the gold...

But I'll remember him as the real winner of the Worlds in 2012.
Hats off, Mr. Takahashi.

He was happy or what? Mr. Hanyu won the bronze.

The podium.

...and a lot of pictures, to capture the joy.
I just couldn't stop pressing the button; so, here's a detailed retrospective of the moment:

Once again, the real winner of the day.

Two very happy boys and a flag.

A thankful crowd.

Mr. Takahashi and his fans.


One more picture of the Japanese winners of the day.

Yuzuru, preparing for an interview after the final.

Backstage pictures: joyful hugs.

Daisuke Takahashi and Takeshi Honda. Two of my favorite skaters ever.

A year and a half after the Final - and I'm still happy. Thank you for that, Mr. Takahashi.

And here's the rest of the stories of those World Figure Skating Championships in Nice, in 2012:

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